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2760049 501B Sembawang HDB 4A Sale: A1 Decor, MRT.
2841669 338 Sembawang Cres HDB 4A Sale: A1 Decor, MRT.
2845698 162 Woodlands St 13 HDB #10 Sale: Must View, Valued, MRT. Valuation: $259000
2861809 356C Admiralty Drive HDB 5I #04 Sale: Valued, Corner, MRT. Valuation: $300000
2861826 353 Woodlands Ave 1 HDB 4A Mid Flr. Sale: Open Hse Sat, Unblock, Near Mkt, By Appt, Nice,  
MRT, School. Built-in area: 1130 sq.ft.
2864900 360A Sembawang HDB 4A Sale: All Races Eligible, Renovated, By Appt, Windy, MRT.
2870549 707 Yishun Ave 5 HDB Resale Flat 3NG High Flr. Sale: Yishun MRT, Marble Flr, Lift Level, Move-in, Valued, Market. Valuation: $170000
2876176 401 Woodlands St 41 HDB 4A High Flr. Sale: Open Hse Sat, Unblock, Near Mkt, By Appt, Nice, MRT, School. Built-in area: 1130 sq.ft.
2880293 360A Sembawang HDB 4A Sale: Design & Build,
Corner, MRT.
2880536 707 Yishun Ave 5 HDB Resale Flat 3NG #04 Sale: Serious Seller, Convenient, Near MRT, Move-in, Valued, Clean, Cheap, Market, School. Valuation: $773000
2884151 847 Woodlands St 82 HDB 3NG #02 Sale: Best Location, Move-in, Market, MRT, School. Valuation: $170000
2897921 781 Yishun Ring Rd HDB Resale Flat 3A High Flr. Sale: Must Sell, Lift Level, Near MRT, Simple, Valued, Windy, Shops, Neg..
2901943 171 Woodlands St 11 HDB 4NG Mid Flr. Sale: MRT.
2901969 154 Marsiling Singapore Property HDB 4NG Sale: Corner, Windy, MRT.
2914737 407 Sembawang HDB 4A High Flr. Sale: Lift Level, All Races Eligible, Renovated, Near MRT.
2914744 491 Admiralty Link HDB 4R High Flr. Sale: Mins To MRT, Move-in, Valued, 5 yrs. Valuation: $248000
2924621 8 Marsiling Drive HDB 4I Sale: Amenities, A1 Decor, MRT.
2924651 624B Woodlands Drive 52 HDB 4A Mid Flr. Sale: Move-in,Near MRT.
2926769 624B Woodlands Drive 52 HDB 4A Mid Flr. Sale: Simple Renovation, F/aircon, Good Cond, All Races Eligible, Market, Shop, MRT, School.
2932153 355A Sembawang HDB High Flr. Sale: Already Cobroke, Open Hse Sat, Amenities, Renovated, MRT.
2937405 589A Sembawang HDB 4A High Flr. Sale: Mins To MRT, Unblock, NS facing, All Races Eligible, Breezy, Bright, Corner, School.
2937412 359A Sembawang HDB 4A High Flr. Sale: Unblock, Renovated, MRT, School.
2937603 704 Admiralty HDB 4A Sale: Renovated, MRT.
2937649 219 Yishun St 21 HDB Resale Flat 3NG #07 Sale: Amenities, Renovated, Near MRT, Valued, Neg.. Valuation: $175000
2945084 155 Woodlands St 13 HDB 3A High Flr. Sale: Serious Seller, Pr Eligible, Mins To MRT, Lift Level, Bright, Windy.
2950114 339B Sembawang HDB 4A High Flr. Sale: $50K+V. Unblock, Beautiful, NS facing, All Races Eligible, Opp MRT, Valued.
2950271 15 Marsiling Lane HDB 3R Sale: Serious Seller, Upgraded, Unblock, MRT.
2950276 140 Marsiling Rd HDB 4NG #01 Sale: Designer Deco, Neg., MRT.
2950385 148 Yishun St 11 HDB Resale Flat 3NG High Flr. Sale: Mins To MRT, Unblock, Amenities, A1 Decor, Sole Agent.
2953980 354B Sembawang HDB 4A Mid Flr. Sale: Split Aircon, All Races Eligible, Corner, Quiet, MRT,
2954029 106 Yishun Ring Rd HDB Resale Flat 3NG Sale: MRT.
2957267 405 Admiralty Link HDB 4A2 Sale: Sembawang MRT, Move-in, Corner.
2957296 354 Woodlands Ave 1 HDB 4A Sale: Causeway Pt, Marble Flr, All Races Eligible, Renovated, Move-in, Neg., MRT, School. Built-in area: 1130 sq.ft.
2957304 734 Yishun Ave 5 HDB Resale Flat 3NG High Flr. Sale: Facilities, Near MRT, Valued. Valuation: $190000
2961857 325 Sembawang HDB 4A High Flr. Sale: No Noon Sun, Lift Level, Unblock, Face Park, Renovated, Near MRT, Quiet. Built-in area: 1098 sq.ft.
2961866 588C Sembawang HDB Sale: Nice Decor, MRT.
2961868 417 Sembawang HDB Flat 4A1 Mid Flr. Sale: Walk To MRT, Clean, Cosy.
2961873 337 Sembawang HDB 4A High Flr. Sale: Coffeeshop, Unblock, Renovated, Near MRT, Move-in, Bright, Windy, School.
2961984 318 Woodlands St 31 HDB 3A #06 Sale: Open Hse Sat, Renovated, Balcony, MRT. Built-in area: 893 sq.ft.
2961993 326 Woodlands St 32 HDB Sale: Pr Eligible, Lift Level, 3-toilets, Unblock, Near MRT, 4 Bdrms, Neg..
2961994 412 Woodlands St 41 HDB Sale: Pr Eligible, Lift Level, 3-toilets, Unblock, Near MRT, 4 Bdrms, Neg..
2962004 523 Woodlands Drive 14 HDB 4A High Flr. Sale: View To Offer, Near MRT, Move-in.
2962033 467 Admiralty Drive HDB 4R Mid Flr. Sale: $300K. Amenities, All Races Eligible, By Appt, MRT.
2962035 35 Marsiling Drive HDB Sale: Pt Blk, Recess Area, Food, Mall, MRT, 5 yrs.
2962041 27 Marsiling Drive HDB Flat 4NG Sale: Marble Flr, Unblock, Renovated, Dr-to-dr, Bright, Valued, Windy, Market, MRT. Built-in area: 980 sq.ft. Valuation: $180000
2962067 226 Yishun St 21 HDB Resale Flat 3NG Sale: Renovation, Near MRT, Market, Shops, Ntuc.
2962073 150 Yishun St 11 HDB Resale Flat 3NG High Flr. Sale: Well Kept, Amenities, All Races Eligible, Cobroke, Windy, Neg., MRT.
2962078 165 Yishun Ring Rd HDB Resale Flat 3S Sale: Can Contra, All Races Eligible, Move-in, Immed, MRT.
2962081 734 Yishun Ave 5 HDB Resale Flat 3NG Sale: $18K+V. MRT.
2962089 126 Yishun St 11 HDB Resale Flat 3NG High Flr. Sale: Indian Ratio Filled, Near Mkt, Eateries, Move-in, Windy, Shop, MRT.
2962093 365 Yishun Ring Rd HDB Resale Flat 3A Low Flr. Sale: Nice Decor, Valued, Quiet, MRT. Valuation: $160000
2962094 140 Yishun Ring Rd HDB Resale Flat 3NG High Flr. Sale: Lift Upgrading, A1 Decor, Valued, MRT.
2962104 226 Yishun St 21 HDB Resale Flat 3NG Sale: 5 Mins To MRT, Open Hse Sat, Malay House, Walkup, Valued. Valuation: $165000
2000076433 130 Yishun HDB Resale Flat 3A Low Flr. Sale: Low cash, Nice Deco, Near MRT, Serious seller, Early move-in, Can Contra, Value: $175K, Indian ratio filled.
2000079837 774 Yishun HDB Resale Flat #05- Sale: 3s val $163k.Rare!MRT.New windows & door.Well kept.Near Bottle Tree Park.Stadium.Swimming pool.Gd school/swimming pool.Mkt.Nthpoint. 
2000080555 641 Yishun HDB Resale Flat 3R Sale: Rare! 3s.All ethnic.MRT.School/clinic.Safra.OCC.Sport stadium.NTUC>Amenities.5 yrs only.Malay owner. 
2000081971 501B Sembawang HDB 4R Sale: near mrt VAL $265K.
2000083523 208 Yishun HDB Resale Flat 3NG Low Flr. Sale: Yishun MRT, opposite NorthPoint, renovated, co-broke most welcome.  
2000084774 129 Yishun St 11 HDB Resale Flat 3NG Low Flr. Sale: New List!3NG n unblocked .Near to MRT ,school ,chong pang city ......C 2 believe.

Location and Locality

Block 126 Yishun St 11 Singapore 760126
Block 126 is located off Yishun St 11, approximately 1.0 km from Yishun MRT Station, Bus Interchange, Marketing and shopping facilities are located at Chong Pang City, Northpoint Shopping Centre and vicinity. Schools in the locality include Peixin and Yishun Primary.
Block 210 Yishun Street 21 Singapore 760210
The subject property is an HDB apartment unit located of a 10-storey slab block. It is located along Yishun Street 21, off Yishun Avenue 9. In the vicinity are amenities such as shops, eating houses, schools shopping centre, cinema, bus interchange, park and a community centre. Access to other parts of the island is convenient via public transports. The subject property is also located near to the Yishun MRT station.
Block 330 Yishun Ring Road Singapore 760330
The subject property is situated at Yishun Ring Road. Within its vicinity, there is a comprehensive range of retail, recreational, social, and institutional amenities available. Amongst others, market, food centre, neighbourhood shops, mini-marts, parks and schools are located nearby. In addition, Yishun MRT Station/ Bus Interchange, North Point Shopping Centre and Yishun 10 Cineplex are sitted a few bus-stops away.
Block 405 Yishun Ave 6 Singapore 760405
The subject property is located in the vicinity of North View Primary and Secondary Schools And Huamin Primary School. In its immediate neighbourhood are shops, food outlets, SAFRA (Yishun). Yishun Park and Orchid Country Club are also nearby. Yishun Ave 2 and 1 provide vehicular access to the Central Expressway (CTE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE). Yishun Town Centre with its MRT station, bus interchange and Northpoint Shopping Centre is also nearby.
Block 621 Yishun Ring Road Singapore 760619
The subject block 619 Yishun Ring Road Is located within yishun New Town, sited to the west of Chung Cheng High School (Yishun).

The immediate locality is generally residential in character with mainly HDB blocks, some with shops at the 1st storey. Prominent landmarks nearby include Yishun Swimming Complex, Nee Soon South Community Centre and Ang Mo Kio Yishun Town Concil (Branch), Amongst others.

Schools,  shops, market, places of worship and eating outlets are available in the vicinity.

Public transportations is easily accessible within the estate while the Khatib Mrt Station is within walking distance away and access to Seletar Expressway is in the close proximity.
Block 721 Yishun St 71 Singapore 760721
The subject block 721 Yishun St 71 is a 12 storey slab block located at Yishun Street 71 off Yishun Avenue 3. It is approximately 18.5 km from the city centre.

Food centre, market, convenience and neighbourhood shops, police post, schools, theatres, private residential estates, polyclinic, Nee Soon Central Community Centre, Neighbourhood Park, Yishun Central / Pond / Swimming Complex and Northpoint Shopping Centre are within the vicinity.

Access to other parts of the island is convenient via public transport. Yishun MRT Station, Bus Interchange and Seletar Expressway are nearby.
Block 828 Yishun Street 81 Singapore 760828
The subject block is located along Yishun Ring Road, within Yishun New Town, approximately 17 km from the city centre at Raffles Place. Yishun New Town is located in the northern part of the island.

Social amenities and facilities within the vicinity include park, community centre, schools, market, eating outlets and retail shops.

Public transport facilities are readily available. The Khatib MRT Station is located within walking distance from the subject property.
Block 861 Yishun Avenue 4 Singapore 760861
The subject block is located at Yishun Avenue 4, off Yishun Ring Road.

The immediate locality is residential in character, comprising mainly HDB flats. Shops, market, food centre, education centre, police post, park, neighbourhood centre and other amenities are readily available within the estate.

Prominent landmarks near the subject block include Orchid Park Secondary School, Naval Base Primary School, Ang Mo Kio Yishun Town Council (Branch) , Nee Soon South Community Centre, Yishun Swimming Complex/Stadium/Sports Hall, Orchid Country Club and Khatib MRT Station.

Northpoint Shopping Centre, Yishun MRT Station/Bus Interchange and the Seletar Expressway are located a short distance away.
News About Yishun
Safety barriers for all above-ground stations
TODAYonline, Singapore - 6 hours ago
So, from next year, platform screen doors will be installed at three above-ground train stations at Yishun, Jurong East and Pasir Ris in a pilot scheme to ...
New BTO housing projects launched in Punggol, Yishun
Channel News Asia, Singapore - Dec 27, 2007
The Yishun site, Jade Spring, will have 384 flats, comprising 48 units of 3-room and 336 units of 4-room flats. The site is at the junction of Yishun Ring ...
Up for order: 1122 flats in Punggol and Yishun
TODAYonline, Singapore - Dec 27, 2007
Situated at the junction of Yishun Ring Road and Yishun Avenue 11 and served by Khatib and Yishun MRT stations, Jade Spring@Yishun consists of 48 three-room ...
Above-ground stations to have platform screen doors by 2012
Channel News Asia, Singapore - 11 hours ago
Platform screen doors will be installed at Yishun, Jurong East and Pasir Ris stations in 2009, before rolling out to the rest. President and CEO of SMRT Saw ...
Six schools participate in Nee Soon South community projects
Channel News Asia, Singapore - Jan 13, 2008
And Springleaf NC will work with Yishun Junior College to jointly start an Eco Club where residents will help the students conduct research on nature. ...
Super Reds FC welcomed to new home at Nee Soon South
Channel News Asia, Singapore - Jan 5, 2008
Residents of Nee Soon South greeted the full squad - including the team's new players - at a newly completed playground near Yishun Ring Road. ...
No longer 'wild', but still as passionate
Electric New Paper, Singapore - Jan 18, 2008

And this evidently pays homage to the team's history, which started off while many of them were living in Yishun. 'Close to 16 of us used to gather at the ...
Two-lorry collision causes traffic jam along Lentor Avenue
Channel News Asia, Singapore - Jan 2, 2008
... 2008 1820 hrs SINGAPORE: A road accident involving two lorries along Lentor Avenue caused a traffic jam towards Yishun Town on Wednesday afternoon. ...
Electric New Paper, Singapore - Jan 8, 2008
The alleged theft occurred at Tenchi International in Northpoint Shopping Centre in Yishun at about 7.30pm on 22 Dec. Mr Tan Yun Sing, 20, the outlet's ...
Govt to release 9.3 hectares under H1 industrial land sales programme
Channel News Asia, Singapore - Dec 31, 2007
The remaining four sites are two sites in Yishun Avenue 6 and one each in Toh Tuck Avenue and the junction of Ubi Avenue 4 and Ubi Road 2. - CNA/ch.
54-year-old paedophile jailed 22 years
TODAYonline, Singapore - Jan 16, 2008
From October 2006 to March 2007, he met and preyed on the victims in Yishun, even though he does not live there. He would first chat up the boys, ...
Electric New Paper, Singapore - Dec 30, 2007
By Elysa Chen SINCE November last year, whenever delivery man Tan Hong Kee parks outside Northpoint Shopping Centre in Yishun, he has to dash in and out of ...
Commuters comment on implementation process of transport review
Channel News Asia, Singapore - Jan 18, 2008
30 of them have been put up at bus stops in the business district, Yishun and Ang Mo Kio and another 20 will be installed by May. ...
Bouncing back on track
Electric New Paper, Singapore - Jan 20, 2008
Clubilya is also relocating its drop-in centre for youths to another part in Yishun Central. The new place will have more space which can be used for ...


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